Inspiration : Worlds Largest Kinect Driven Interactive Video Wall

“The world’s biggest Kinect driven interactive video wall was developed and animated by BUT  – It uses Adobe Air and Kinect devices to track the users passing by the wall. There are various setups with video animation and ambient sound. It interactively scrubs, triggers and masks h264 video at a resolution of 2880 x 1080 pixels. It is installed in the offices of the Porton Group in Dubai. The installation was a joint operation by BUT Dubai and Firmavision.”


The video wall moves along with passerby’s, changing perspective according to a persons position in front of the screen using interactive triggers and masks. If implemented into a public space such as retail, in perhaps a store window a video wall like this would garner a lot of public interest resulting in more consumer interest in the brand using the video wall. For example the jungle scenery could be used within a store to transport shoppers to a form of trend inspiration, creating a new atmposhere to shop in.

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