Further Developments

The “Interactive Shopping Experience” can be further developed in several ways, for example:

•Development outside of fashion retail.

•Inclusion of social networking to appeal to masses.

•Introduce exclusive offers and styling competitions.
•Introduce “most bought” products and looks.
•Smaller, portable spaces in smaller cities exclusively for interactive shopping.
•Customer ordering from walls.
•Collaborations with gaming companies such as Microsoft ( Xbox, Xbox Kinect technology,) Sony (Playstation) and Apple.
I am currently looking into collaborating further with game software companies in order to really push the “fun, interactive ” aspect of the service. With developments of Xbox Kinect interactive walls and gaming software it seems logical to combine the two to produce a more immersive retail experience.
References :
  • (Photo credit : Selfridges interactive donation window for Project Ocean, (May 2011),available at : http://www.smudgetikka.com/2011/05/page/4/, last accessed 8th December 2013.

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