Target Consumer


As my service is so flexible, it can be offered to almost any retailer, and for this reason the target market will change with the retailer. For launch purposes, I will be basing my target market around the Topshop customer. My market research has proved that there is a definite need for the service and the 16-25 age group are particularly interested in the idea.

“Millenials” relate to those who were born through 1982 to 2003- these consumers have grown through all of the technological advances we see effecting retail today.

Topshop aim their services at this group, the fashion conscious affluent, social media aware consumer. (ABC1 & DEF2)

Prosperous Professionals, Educated Urbanites, Aspiring Singles  : Prosperous young professionals, young educated workers, multi  ethnic young people living in converted flats. This consumer is a student or professional working part /full time or studying.

The individual is fashion conscious on a budget and technologically aware, a millennial  with different views to the previous generation.

The consumer uses social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and is open to new technology, staying up to date with anything new and exciting in the tech world.

The consumer has an average amount of disposable income set aside for clothing and technology with a middle level deposable income.


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