PayPal’s “Shop and Pay on-the-go”

PayPal is testing a new mobile shopping experience called “Shop and Pay On-the-Go” in Singapore’s subway stations. The program allows shoppers to purchase items advertised on billboards and posters by scanning QR codes with their smartphones, paying with PayPal, and then either picking the items up in stores or having them delivered.

Although the concept of shopping through QR codes has been around for a while, Discover Magazine wrote about a similar shopping program running in the subway stations of Korea. Both Ebay and Paypal are investing heavily in mobile commerce.

The concept of mobile shopping through QR codes is not new, and Discover Magazine wrote about a similar shopping program running in Korea’s subway stations, but the pilot demonstrates PayPal’s commitment to mobile payments.

SMRT Media is the transit system’s ad firm in Singapore, and in October, it launched iMobSMRT, the country’s “first dedicated Mobile Interactivity Space” in the public transport network. According to its website, “Commuters can download great deals or access the latest news simply by interacting with Near Field Communication (NFC) tags or Quick Response (QR) codes via their smartphones or NFC-enabled phones.”

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