Initial Ideas

My initial ideas have stemmed around the negative views around technology, how social media has made society less social, less likely to go out and experience new things, travel or even shop within stores as much anymore.

My service will make shopping in fashion retail a more interactive, technology based experience to keep up with current trends. Technology is one of the worlds fastest growing markets, and is currently fuelling UK growth.  Since September 2012 there has been a 44 % increase in job positions within technological fields showing a higher demand for technology not just within the UK but worldwide.

As well as this my service will reduce the number of store closures due to the recession or lack of footfall due to a massive spike in online shopping. While many may argue that online shopping is not the same as shopping within a store- new technology is circulating which enables customers to try clothes on via an online body scan eliminating the barrier between shopping online and shopping in store.  The only aspect protecting shopping within stores are stimulating shopping environments as well as customer service. With my service I hope to bring technology and interactive in store experiences.

There are currently various different aspects to the service, for example:

  • Trend-led interactive areas, adapting immersive story environments to inform and inspire the customer further  through trend stories.
  • 4D /interactive window displays to engage customers and increase footfall within store, these windows could stream shows, fashion film, advertisements, and will be more digitally immersive than an average window display.
  • Augmented Clothing to give more information about the clothing, its origins, buyers etc.
  • Interactive Shoppable Walls : Customers can pull together looks and save them, customer/stylist suggested looks and store stock listings.

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