Google collaboration with Topshop

Google has joined forces with Topshop to offer up a comprehensive London Fashion Week experience, building on the high street store’s success as Spring/Summer 2013’s most viewed online fashion show.

The project will use Google’s online platforms to give people different ways of interacting with aspects of the show, which takes place in the Tanks space at Tate Modern on 17 February. The biggest draw is likely to be the Model Cam, where a sports channel-inspired interface will allow viewers to switch from a traditional catwalk camera focused on the clothing to a micro camera worn by models including Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn.

The brand previously partnered with Diane Von Furstenburg back in September 2012, creating static model’s eye pictures from the show using Google Glass but is now intending to move on to something bigger.

“The DVF thing was really cool,” said Cristian Cussen, head of marketing Google+ for Europe. “Definitely the first of its kind in terms of showing Google Glass in a broad commercial forum. But this is looking at every aspect of Google+ from hangouts to the individual video streams.”




Technology like the ‘model cam’ have not been used with access to the high street yet, as well as this Topshop plan to create an interactive store window for the duration of London Fashion Week which is sure to increase the retailers footfall. Topshop are open to collaborating technologically with big brands in order to push their business.

When building up my service I will need to consider events such as London Fashion week and consider how large-scale fashion events can benefit my service. As well as this I will need to consider retailers to launch my service with, these retailers need to have the correct target market, which must be inline with my service. I will need a retailer that embraces technology and change . The retailers/brand ‘s target market will need to be technologically aware an interested in trying new experiences.

I am currently considering Topshop  as a brand to launch my service due to the brands massive following and perchance for new technology.The brands target market are the perfect market for me to test my interactive shopping service on- fashion conscious, technology aware 15-30 year olds open to new technology. Topshop’s target consumer has developed with the brands popularity, the retailer is now more accessible to young people than ever before with a growing number of stores as well as the continued success of the brands online store.

In addition to this, Topshop’s turnover is more than enough to cover investing into the service, considering the service will free up store staff working time reasonably with stock checks and more product information so would effectively pay for itself. In contrast the service would also work as a gimmick , drawing shoppers into stores and increasing add on sales.

Using Topshop’s flagship store ensures that a wider audience would be able to trial the service. The flagship store is also a tourist destination and home to many different brands which could branch out with the service. Topshop also have a multitude of brands to work with as well as Topshop Unique which has the potential to offer customers an insight in to high fashion through their  innovative catwalk shows.


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