The Innovation of Loneliness

Social media has been both beneficial and detrimental to society.

 “The Innovation of Loneliness” explores the negative effects of social media on today’s society. The clip offers an insight into the reasoning of our religious use of social networking;predominantly we want acceptance, we do not want to be lonely — social media is a platform which can bring people together. It also enables us to project perhaps over exaggerated versions of ourselves and our lives, enabling us to be seen how we wish to be seen from the comfort of a computer screen without any face to face communication. According to “The Innovation of Loneliness”  we exaggerate our social lives to look and feel successful and popular, for example users of Facebook or Twitter could rack up to 600 friends/followers, but in reality are isolated and lonely if you are not socialising, out living life gaining “real experiences” and interacting with others.


By making shopping a more social, immersive, exciting experience my service will bring people together and encourage people to use technology for exploration and education to further improve lives and the overall shopping experience whilst possibly incorporating social media.

In contrast to the effects of social media displayed in “The Innovation of Loneliness” , social media has also had a positive effect on us. Our experiences are more connected, we are able to control our lives further as discussed in “Bridging the Digital Divide”



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