Reality vs Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality

Is it necessary to really feel and live in an experience, are we hindered socially by technology? 

The 21st  Century has seen a transition from reality, to a virtual reality- a world which is not real, in which we cannot “fully” experience with all of our senses. Take video gaming, computing, social media- all tools within our own virtual lives based in a digital world.

While mankind has evolved alongside the development of virtual reality, with the constant developments in technology, virtual realities have become a part of everyday life in some aspects- although in mainstream retail, virtual realities are yet to become “common, everyday” fixtures.  Virtual experiences are still seen as new experiences within retail, these experiences are still gimmicks in store as oppose to the norm.

While virtual realities first came about in the 90’s, it is still a developing concept that as of yet has not made it into every aspect of our lifestyles. Building upon the idea of combining reality- with a virtual reality- whilst using technology to enhance our experiences comes the concept of augmented reality.

Augmented reality, unlike virtual reality-is “real” so to speak. Augmented reality builds upon real objects and surroundings, and with the help of technology helps to enhance these everyday objects in order to give a more efficient, interactive, satisfying purpose, giving us more access to different types of data.



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