Google’s Wearable Technology

Is this the future of technology?

Google have recently filed a new patent for a wearable, electronic tattoo which would attach to its users throat- aiming to control electronic devices via the sound of our voices. The tattoo can also be used as a lie detector. This technology is a massive development following the “google glasses” which essentially work as a handsfree smartphone/computer .

While many may be sceptical to a semi permanent, electrically charged device attaching to their person, wearable technology is set to become the next big thing.

The worldwide market for so-called wearable tech is already growing well and looks likely to exceed $8bn (£4.9bn) this year, according to specialist market research firm Futuresource.

Oliver Rowntree, research analyst at Futuresource, said people are buying a range of items including wireless gadgets, ‘smart’ watches, activity trackers, wearable  GPS, heart-rate monitors and ‘smart’ glasses.

Google Glass

Signs of growth in this market suggest that wearable technology will soon be a part of everyday life- effecting the way we interact with all of our surroundings including retail.


The google glasses are the type of immersive technology I would like my idea to provide, google glass have the power to transport wearers to other places with the click of a button. I hope to incorporate this into my service .


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