How New Tech Puts You Inside Your Entertainment

New technology is enabling users to walk into a new augmented reality. Heavyweights such as Google, Microsoft and Apple have been developing new technology which enables its users to be put inside of immersive story environments.

“In a trend we have labeled Immersive Story Environments, we see how developers are creating technology that enables audiences to delve deeper into stories and media than ever before, entering augmented and virtual reality experiences. Completely immersive, these technologies are changing our relationship with storytelling, letting us be active participants in a fantasy world.”

The” Immersive Storytelling” trend looks at how developers are harnessing technology to create a new wave of storytelling, where consumers are dynamic players in virtual worlds, experiencing entertainment at an unprecedented level, particularly with more in-depth engagement within games.

The distinction between reality and fantasy is becoming less distinctive as head-mounted displays and other technologies are used to extend content beyond a two-dimensional screen.


“The next step is to create a deeper level of immersion, where the possibilities of interaction are endless. One manifestation of this is the Battlefield 3 Simulator that was created in 2011 for the UK technology television program, The Gadget Show. Technicians on the program built a one-off simulator that combined the power of an omni-directional treadmill with a video dome to create a 360-degree gaming experience for first person shooter game Battlefield 3. The game was projected onto the screens of the video dome, while the treadmill allowed players to run around as if they were in the fictional world. Combined with an ambient lighting system, an Xbox Kinect hack and paintball markers to replicate enemy gunfire, the Gadget Show replicated a real-life battle experience.”

Adapting to Fashion Retail 

While this technology has currently been designed for augmented, virtual gaming, this idea  can be adapted to any industry. For example shop windows could become an in-store experience as oppose to solely promoting products. By creating immersive story environments based on trends in-store.

For example shops such as Topshop have themed, trend led areas within store. These areas could  display the trend to the shopper in a more creative, interactive manner. Shoppers could interact with clothes, mirrors, the whole store environments.

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